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Barcelona City Guide

If a million ideas in the world have inspired you to take a trip to Spain, Barcelona is definitely going to be on the top of your list. Don’t know how many days you need? What to eat? Where to shop? What to see? We have the answer to all your questions that you are eager to know while taking your trip to Barcelona in our show- Boarding Pass. Boarding Pass is your complete city travel guide in the list of World Culture Network Originals series.

To know more about traveling to Barcelona, Spain:

In this series, Boarding Pass we will answer some important and basic questions that prepare you to visit any new city with our host, Parampara Patil Hashmi. Boarding Pass is your quick and complete pre-trip guide to some of the best cities around the world.

Host: Parampara Patil Hashmi
DOP: Akash Shah
Editor: Nainesh Dingankar
Music: Ben Sound: Summer Isn’t Over (
Produced by: World Culture Network (Productions)

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