5 Best Christmas Markets In Europe

5 Best Christmas Markets In Europe

We’re all prepared for spreading some Christmas cheer now that the festival is just a month away from us. Christmas is the magical time of the year we keep waiting for. Preparations start right in the month of November itself! Christmas markets in Europe are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The festivities start in the month of November itself when people start their Christmas shopping.

In fact, Europe has many such Christmas markets and each of these is so grand that you’ll have to see to believe it. But which of these markets should make it on your list? It is difficult to pick one out because they’re so beautiful and marvellous. This is why we’ve made a list of the best Christmas markets in Europe. It will save you time and help you prepare your itinerary.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Christmas market

Prague’s Christmas markets are made up of colourfully decorated wooden shacks where you can eat foods like roasted hams, barbecued sausages, and sweet dumplings, and also enjoy warm some hot cocoa or a glass of grog, which is a drink made of rum, water, lemon, and sugar. Hot mulled wine is also quite famous in Christmas markets throughout Europe. Although there are various other delicacies like sausages, pancakes, and cakes available in the market.

There is also a small petting zoo with sheep, goats, and a donkey that is a part of the Prague Christmas markets in the Old Town Square. The joyous ambience is finished off with student choirs that play on the main stage.

Vienna, Austria

christmas market vienna natural

Austria hosts a beautiful Christmas market. It is rooted in long-standing customs. Grand Christmas lights illuminate Vienna’s central business district, which complements the city’s royal architecture.

Numerous Christmas markets may be found all across Vienna, including large ones like the lawns of Schönbrunn Palace and the Belvedere Palace to little neighbourhood fairs on the outskirts of the city. Everything that is required in a Vienna Christmas can be found at the Rathaus Christkindlmarkt. From glittering tree ornaments to snow globes and handcrafted wood or ceramic items, gifts, souvenirs, and ornaments come in all forms and sizes.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest has established itself as a top tourist destination due to its Christmas festivities. Budapest’s two most well-known Christmas markets may be located in District V’s central Vorosmarty Square and St. Stephen’s Square. The oldest, most well-known, and unquestionably must-see markets in Budapest are those on Vorosmarty Square. The markets outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica have attracted both locals and tourists due to its ice skating rink and Hungarian folk art.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg: Christmas market

Strasbourg is known as one of Europe’s top destinations for winter and holiday travel. The Strasbourg Christmas markets, or Marché de Nol, are enormous, with more than 300 wooden stalls dispersed around the old town. There are also themed markets found there, including “Magical Christmas,” “Alternative Christmas,” and “Secret Christmas.” However, if you’re searching for the major market, you need to walk to Place Kleber where you can find a massive tree that is 30 metres high.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg's Christmas Market

The Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, which features over 100 stalls outside the Salzburg Cathedral, is popular with both locals and visitors. The warmth from roasting chestnuts and bright, cheery Christmas lights is comforting against the chilly air.

The Christmas markets in Salzburg will pamper you with a variety of gluhwein and punch flavours, which you’ll love. There are stands with many varieties of cakes and chocolates that are sure to sate a sweet tooth. But there are also all the accessories and mementoes available you will need for a fabulous Christmas celebration and gifting purposes.

If you want to witness how Christmas is celebrated in Europe, then visiting these places is a must. Each of these countries has its own Christmas traditions and celebrations. Every magical Christmas also comes with its delicacies. You should definitely try the local delicacies and drinks to get the traditional vibe of that place

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