What To Wear In Italy In The Summer?

What To Wear In Italy In The Summer?

Italy is one of the most culturally celebrated countries in the world and a favorite tourist destination for summer travelers. Each country has its unique style and fashion, and we’re outlining six things you need to focus on while traveling through Italy in the summer.



Bralettes are the perfect warm weather summer top that is fun and freeing. If you’re traveling through Italy for the summer, this light top will pair perfectly with the hot weather you’ll undoubtedly experience.

Bralettes come in all types, ranging from classy high neck options to bohemian strappy getups. This fun summer outfit choice pairs nicely with pretty much anything else you want to wear.

They are also really small and lightweight, making them a cinch to pack in your bag and carry across the country as you travel.

Sunglasses and Hat

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Italy is both hot and bright during the summer. Surrounded on three sides by different parts of the Mediterranean Sea, the summer climate is traditionally warm and dry.

Because of this, you’ll need a good hat that covers your whole head and preferably your neck and entire face as well. Bonus points if you can find one that looks cute at the same time.

Likewise, grab a pair or two of fashionable sunglasses. You’ll be wearing them constantly, and you might want a backup pair in case you break one or leave them somewhere.

Shorts or Skirts

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Long days playing tourist in the heat will have you regretting jeans or other heavy pants. Instead, focus on bringing a variety of shorts of skits as your bottoms of choice.

Italians love colorful clothing options, so opt for bright colors if you have them. The bright sun and long days make fun, colorful shorts a great choice.

In the same vein, skirts can be a classier option, especially if you’ll be bouncing from the beach to a historical location.

Bathing Suit

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Chances are if you’re headed to Italy in the summer, you’ll be spending at least some of time in the water. From the beaches of Cinque Terra to the cool waters of Lake Como, there are a variety of different ways to get wet.

Bathing suit styles and trends are a bit different in Europe than they are in America, with an emphasis being placed on wearing a little less than you might be comfortable with. Don’t worry, you don’t have to follow this trend by any means.

But, on the other hand, this is a great opportunity to have a little more fun with your swimsuit. Women strongly prefer the bikini in Italy, with the vast majority of women donning the two-piece across Italian beaches.

Maybe this is the summer to try one out?

Light Sweater or Jacket

A smile is always contagious!

While the days are warm, the nights can develop a slight chill. More prominent in the mountains (away from the beaches), this is typically solved with a light sweater or jacket.

Aside from the random rainstorm, you won’t be wearing this during the day. So, opt for a choice that pairs nicely with the clothing you’ll be wearing out in the evenings.

A Covered Option

Via Bianchi di Sopra, Siena

Many of the religious locations you’ll be visiting will mandate that your shoulders and knees are covered. This can be a challenge, as you might be touring the city in your bralette and shorts, and then be faced with this dilemma.

The best strategy is to make sure you have a suitable cover with you for these situations. Plan ahead and wear a longer skirt on days you’ll be hitting up the Vatican, for instance. And then have a covered top to throw on when you arrive.

Italy is a wonderful part of Europe to visit, especially in the summer. Dress for both the style and weather in this Mediterranean country and you’ll enjoy your experience that much more.

This informational article is written by Allena Rissa.

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