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Vienna Food Guide

If you had to pick one date for yourself, would it be food? If you’re a true blue foodie, the first thought that will come to your mind at the mention of travel is food. Local food, comfort food, fancy food, all that you can and will want to is what we’re going to bring to you! Let’s Date Food is your answer to ‘What To Eat In Vienna?’, a World Culture Network Originals series.

To know more about traveling to Vienna, Austria:

In this series, our host Darshanaa Gahatraj is on a mission to find her perfect date, the one true love- FOOD. While Darshanaa tries her luck with different dishes in Vienna, we showcase the food options that the Austrian capital offers. This one’s date you cannot resist going for whenever you’re headed to Vienna.

Host: Darshanaa Gahatraj
DOP: Akash Shah
Editor: Nainesh Dingankar
Music: Ben Sound: Sweet (
Produced by: World Culture Network (Productions)

Vienna Info:
Do-Step-Inn Hostel:
Huth Gastwirtschaft, Vienna
Bitzinger, Vienna
Rail Europe:

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