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The Most Beautiful Sunset Of Switzerland | The Swiss Adventure

We saved the best for the end! Like all good things, #TheSwissAdventure had to come to an end (at least for a while!)
The last and the most memorable adventure that we took on before leaving Interlaken, Switzerland was Winter Kayaking!

Now we had been kayaking before in Croatia & Maldives in the summers. But this was the first time someone had mentioned Winter Kayaking to us. Considering the cold, we were uncertain! But that’s exactly when you got to say yes to adventures & #exploremore

There we go, #winterkayaking with Hightide Kayak School before we bid adieu to this gorgeous winter favorite country!

That’s all for this season! Don’t forget to #TuneInToWCN for the exciting destinations in store! #inlovewithSwitzerland

Creators: Parampara Patil Hashmi | Parichay Mehta
Cinematographer: Nirali Naik
Music: Motion Array
Editor: Parichay Mehta

Activity Partner: Hightide Kayak School, Interlaken

Connections Partner: Rail Europe
Outdoor Adventure Partner: Woodland
Associate Partner: TripXOXO
Equipment by: Paxton Equipments

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