10 Essentials For Your Next Solo Trip

Life is a journey everyone needs to walk alone. Others just help you to find your way.

This little quote tells us much about traveling solo. Traveling alone can help you to learn an infinite number of things and live adventures you had never even thought about before. That said, good preparation is always required to get the best out of solo travel.

According to a report published by a prestigious travel company, people increasingly are turning towards solo traveling each year.

However, it is important that before you embark your journey as a solo traveler you collect all the necessary travel gadgets and accessories. Because of this, we have set out a complete list of gadgets you would need.

We have considered that you will travel by bus, flights, overnight trains, walking, hitchhiking and on foot.

1) Rucksack

Our list of travel essentials starts with choosing the right kind of backpack. The only associate that is going to be with you throughout your journey will be your backpack.

One of the best things about a rucksack is its cylindrical shape available in many sizes. Due to its practical shape, it fits just right on your back.

Generally, if you’re going to travel for 7 days a 50ltrs rucksack is good enough. An ideal rucksack should be water resistant and should have lockable zips and it should have back support and padded straps. If you find a rucksack that fits into all these criteria, pick it up.

2) Smart Suitcase with GPS tracking

Those who travel abroad prefer suitcases because of the long duration of their travels. On the other hand, every year some 30 million lost luggage claims are filed at airports.

Not only that, but suitcases are also easily lost or misplaced in taxis or under other circumstance. Because of this, it is a smart suitcase with GPD tracking is one of the most useful travel accessories as you will be able to track them on your mobile phone.

Once charged, a smart suitcase retains can stay active for 15 days. Some companies sell separate luggage trackers that can be placed inside your bag. It works the same through a mobile app. This is also one of the best business travel essentials.

3) Noise Cancellation Headphones

This is one of the solo travel essentials you would need for your journey. Noise cancellation headphones block out the external noise in a crowded place. The best feature about this type of headphone is that you do not need to raise the volume in order to decrease the noise.

Also, you get a richer listening experience which is important for when you are waiting for a long time, or need some motivation; making it a must-have for a long trip. This can help you to avoid encountering distractions while traveling.

4) Selfie Stick

Solo traveling entails doing things on your own; including facing challenges. How inconvenient would it be for you to ask a person every time to you want to take a photo of you? Getting your own selfie stick is a much better idea, and definitely a solo travel essential. With a good selfie stick, you can take photos at any angle, while protecting your smartphone from downfall.

A selfie stick is easy to pack and also it eliminates the need to carry a tripod. But, don’t buy any of those sticks online. Get one that is truly sturdy and can firmly hold your smartphone.

5) Torch

Solo traveling also lets you go to crazy destinations during the day, but also during dark nights. For decades a torch has been a reliable companion of night travelers. Some would say that they are satisfied with the LED flashlight on their mobile phones. But, a torch should still be on your travel essential checklist.

Not only does a torch has a good grip, but it can also be a personal protection tool in times of emergencies. A smart torch can transmit electric shock with a hidden device.  This is especially important for solo female travelers.

6) Water Purifier Bottle

Statistics show that more than 50% of disease comes through contaminated water. It is needless to say that water is essential for a happy journey, but that you won’t always be lucky to find RO filtered water throughout it.

It’s better to be prepared for the worst. Some water purifier bottles can filter almost 100 gallons of water; or in other terms, they are useable continuously for 6 months. This is definitely a must-have for a long road trip.

7) A portable charger or Power bank

We use our smartphones for social media sites, taking selfies, watching videos and playing games. These are some of the reasons why our phone needs frequent charging. Therefore, a portable charger is vital if you’re going to use your smartphone extensively during travel. This makes portable chargers or power banks one of the most useful travel accessories for solo travelers.

You should get a power bank which is 10000 mAh or above. This will ensure that your phone is charged twice even three times on a bus journey.

8) Smartphone camera lens

You can capture DSLR quality photos with a small lens. Many companies in the market provide a set of camera lens that can be used to snap HD quality professional photos. These lenses are compatible with many android and iOS devices. This can reduce your load to carry a DSLR and take it out every time. You can easily pack and travel with this gadget, which is a great gadget for solo traveling.

9) A portable speaker

Sometimes you want to enjoy music at a clearer sound and louder volume. A portable speaker is what makes solo travel more enjoyable. Among its many benefits, one of its best is to enjoy music with a group of other travelers that you might meet along the way. This makes the Bluetooth speaker one of the must-have travel gadgets. Also, it is easy to carry and easy to find affordable ones.

10) Swiss Army knife

This list of best travel gadgets for backpackers would be incomplete without this last gadget. It is sometimes the tiniest things that can help us to accomplish the most difficult of tasks. One of the best tools you can invest in is a swiss army knife; which has a bottle opener, a can opener, a fish scaler, screwdrivers, a saw, tweezers, blades, a toothpick and more. It is more recommendable to get one containing 4 to 5 tools.

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