Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari New Zealand

Sailing With Dolphins & Whales In Hauraki Gulf Marine Park | New Zealand

We are in the biggest city in New Zealand called Auckland. It is situated on the coastline of New Zealand. We went on a Whale & Dolphin Safari in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. This half-day long adventure was amusing, educational & a lot of fun.

We got to see many dolphins, in fact, we sailed with them for quite a long time. We also got to see a baby whale with a mother whale. Other phenomenons such as birds diving into the sea etc. were super fun to watch. We thank Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari for getting us on board for this adventure. Whenever you are in Auckland, just go for it!

You can read more about our Dolphin & Whale adventure here.


Music: Travel On The Sea by Trending Music
Creators: Parampara Patil Hashmi & Parichay Mehta
Activity Partner: Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari
Supported by Tourism New Zealand

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