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Queenstown is an all-time favorite town amongst tourists for the range of activities that are there to explore. Apart from all the adventure activities that promise you an adrenaline rush, Queenstown is extremely gorgeous and surrounded by sights and towns that have a lot to offer visually.

Queenstown was well introduced to the world through Lord of the Rings and it is also where the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot by Peter Jackson. On a very special tour with Nomad Safaris, we took an exciting adventure to explore some of the most scenic spots in Queenstown like the Coronet Peak, Skippers Canyon, Arrow town, Kawarau River and more.

We also tried our hands at finding gold by the river, while experiencing a whole new side of New Zealand.

You can read about our Nomad Safaris experience in detail here.


Music: Optimistic Fluids by ROVADOR
Creators: Parampara Patil Hashmi & Parichay Mehta
Activity Partner: Nomad Safaris
Accommodation Partner: Sherwood
Supported by Tourism New Zealand

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