How To Reduce The Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce The Carbon Footprint?

The Basics Of Global Warming & Carbon Footprint

Let us all sit and think for a minute where are we heading to? What are we doing? What are we contributing to this world? Any thoughts? Global warming increasing, how? Thanks to humans who are not concern about this world.

Most of the time emissions of carbon dioxide are caused by human activities. But in order to understand the issue of carbon emissions, it is important to know the basic theory. Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere and is part of the natural process among animals, plants, soil, and atmosphere. But when human activities interfere with this natural process it extracts fossil fuels with high concentrations of carbon from below the earth’s surface and burns them for energy. By this, carbon mixes with oxygen and creates even more carbon dioxide. Human activity emits carbon dioxide gas and is very well known greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. We need to reduce the carbon footprint created by us to save the planet.

What Is Carbon Footprint?

Sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases like Co2 which is done especially by our activities. It can be measured by undertaking greenhouse gases emissions assessment or some calculative measures known as carbon accounting.

A recent study claimed that India’s carbon footprint is growing at a faster rate than other countries. It is due to the increasing consumption of fossil fuels. The majority of energy that India consumes comes from fossil fuels. Thanks to increasing demand for power generation and transport which is due to increasing population.

Ways To Reduce The Carbon Footprint

1. Reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing the excess usage of the air conditioner.

2. Walking or cycling to the nearest destination: One could walk or cycle to the nearest destination rather than driving. With this solution, you will save money, burn less fuel & reduce the carbon footprint as well. If not interested in walking one could use mass transportation such as buses or metros. Many new buses are using solar energy and other eco-friendly alternatives.

3. Planting green wherever you are living: You are living in a house or an apartment planting green should be considered necessary not that there should be a rule but will also benefit your environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide that will be beneficial for our surrounding that we must seek it. Urban areas are hotter than rural areas due to the transportation system, industries, and increased human activity but creating space for trees, plants gardens would lead to cooling also it would be necessary for this worsen the environment.

4. Eat more organic food: The best way to reduce the carbon footprint is by eating organic. Organic food is non-sprayed with pesticides and other environmental chemicals. Packaged foods are bad not only for the environment but also for your health.

5. Cutting down on meat: Lot of environment-friendly people are becoming vegetarians or are cutting down on meat. Eating a vegan diet can be better for the environment. Beef emits a lot of carbon, so meat lovers can swap beef or red meat with chicken, that will also make a difference.

6. Recycling: Wasting can also be done in the right place. Empty food containers before throwing them into the recycling bin. Recycle paper, steel and tin cans. Make sure not to put non-recycling products into recycling bins.
Natural material rather than chemical- Some materials clothes also have an impact on the environment. Use more of cotton and silk than synthetics. Some fabrics are made through chemicals that can have a negative impact on the environment.

7. Turn the lights or any energy off when not in use: Many people have the habit of keeping the lights on when they are not in the house or even when it is not needed. By turning off it would reduce energy & in turn, reduce the carbon footprint.

8. Use Laptops instead of Desktop computer: Laptops are considered as low-energy electronic. They take a lot of less energy than bulky desktop computer plus they are lighter in weight and can also easily be taken anywhere.


Making small changes can make a lot of differences. Not telling you that totally cut down yourself on meat or stop using AC’s just appealing to an audience if they can at least try to make changes in your surroundings that would contribute towards reducing global warming, it would not only make them better but also it would make the environment healthier.

Excessive is always dangerous, using products or energy in an adequate way would also lead to full satisfaction.

Hoping this world in more greener form.

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