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Everything That You Need To Know About Making A Scrapbook

I remember growing up in the early 90’s – connecting with people was not so easy and fast! We had a fat television with selected channels, landlines and cordless phones with no caller ID, Computer was still a fancy concept for us, forget the internet! And those were the days where instead of Facebook we had Scrapbook.

A scrapbook is a notebook where people keep details about their friends, favorite people, things, places and everything they feel connected with. It’s a sort of memoir that one writes and decorates by themselves. It is a space where memories slip into every single page and by flipping those pages you get the dose of nostalgia. In today’s world where everything comes so readymade, a space of consumerism- scrapbook helps you to bring out your artistic side and allows you to create something on your own. It’s a great option for gifting someone.

I remember gifting my father a scrapbook on his birthday where I assembled his photos of different ages. I left little notes here and there then highlighted his favorite moments. He said it was the best gift ever. And won’t you choose a handwritten letter by your loved ones over an email any day? Truly nothing can be as beautiful as a trip to the memory lane where all beautiful happy-sad moments opens before us and we can connect what we were once with where we are now! This is what a scrapbook does! It protects our memories and rendering them even more beautiful. It is not hard to make at all! So if you want to make your own scrapbook, keep on reading this article.

Scrapbooks & its Kinds

There are different kinds of scrapbook for every occasion and every memory!

Scrapbook of Secrets

Remember Georgina’s Burnbook in Mean Girls? No, it does not be extremely negative carrying out nasty remarks about people you know. Make a note of important dates and write about your likes and dislikes and stick your favorite photos in this fun book. From the fun facts to the ugly truth- it contains all! You can take help from your trusted friends and can ask them to write in it. But remember this scrapbook is personal! If it falls into the wrong hand, things can get little bumpy. But the making of it is sweet and fun. After many years when you will be turning its pages, there will be a sweet smile on your face.

Traveler’s Scrapbook

Do you remember Carl and Allie’s Adventure Book in the movie UP? Haven’t you found it so beautiful? You can make a scrapbook as a traveling companion. You can keep your travel memories and make lists of places you want to go.  It’s sort of a travel journal and perfect companion for wanderers, travelers, and explorers.

Friendship Book

It is almost like a high school and college yearbook. You can write about your friends or ask them to write about themselves in their handwriting, you can attach their photos with handwritten notes from them and ask them to put their contact details as well so you can stay in touch. After finishing school or college, people may go to different directions and it’s a beautiful way to retain their memories. You even can make it about the best friends you have.

Family Scrapbook

You know there is nothing and nowhere like home! It’s with your family you have spent most of your time and it’s with them you have millions of memories. Then why not make a scrapbook on them? You even can add your relatives- your favorite uncle or your sweet niece. Write about all the important and memorable occasions and then attach photos. Whenever you will go away from your family, by carrying this scrapbook, you will be carrying a part of them with you.

Baby Book: If you are a parent then you can make a book where you write about your child- from their birth, their growing up, the name of the first school and every tiny detail you think is important. You can add their photos taken at different times. Organize and display your child’s photographs, artwork, awards, and reports. When your baby will grow ups/he surely loves looking at those pages.

Nature Scrapbook

If you are a lover of nature, you can create a scrapbook with your memories with nature. Take photos of the nature around you or places you love to visit. You even can add pressed leaves, small pebbles or tiny shells.

Pet’s Scrapbook

If your pet is your best friend then start documenting it through a scrapbook. This is definitely going to put a big smile on your face.

For your beloved

There is the ONE important person in your life and you cherish all the moments of your relationship. From your first meeting to each other to first date or anniversary write everything in your scrapbook. You even can gift it to your beloved and trust me, there is nothing like a handmade gift! You even create a scrapbook about your wedding memories. You can caption the photos with “remember when”, “How We Met,” “My Favorite Memory,” and “Our first date” or make and write your own.

Online slam book

You even can make your scrapbook online! They come in exciting designs and beautiful fronts. You even can lock them for privacy. If you don’t have much time to invest, then it is your easy way.

The Craft of Scrapbook

After you have decided what kind of a scrapbook you want to make, the first thing you need is a notebook because it requires empty pages to fill them up with everlasting memories.

Personally, I prefer a notebook with handmade pages which I find carrying a vintage look. There are even notebooks with colored or customized pages. These are very easily available both online shopping sites and marketplaces. Now that you have your notebook, you need things to décor- Paper Designers, Decorative Scrapbooking Paper Pack, 3D-Stickers, Paper punchers, Designed Adhesive Paper Tapes, beautiful Stamp Sets and much more. You need to select the photos which you can attach to your scrapbook or you can cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers which serve your purpose. The cover of your scrapbook is extremely important for both beautifying and conveying your theme. Take your time to find an amazing title and then start decorating it.

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Some Beautiful Ideas

Take photos then use a software program make those snaps look vintage. Try filters which serve the purpose. Then attach it in your scrapbook.

You can attach anything small in your slam book like pressed leaves and flowers, souvenirs, coins, shells, the receipts, ticket stubs, maps anything that bears a memory. Almost everything you collect can be used for your scrapbook.

Use laces, velvet ribbons embellish your scrapbook covers and achieve a delicate look

Use family photos cut in leaf shape, and card stock to create a family tree on your scrapbook page

You can take photos of your partner or friend when s/he is not noticing and then create a scrapbook out of those pictures and gift it. It will take them by surprise.

Cardstocks can be used as usually used as background papers and as photo mats. You can even use it as frames on your scrapbook photos.  From buttons, ribbons, fibers, beads to the metal frame, you can use them as embellishments with the help of your imagination and artistry.

Instead of sticking your message on each page, you can place envelopes on pages where you can put the letters inside.

You can download amazing scrapbook designs from free printable online

You can add memorable dates, captions, lyrics, letters, and quotes to give it a more personal touch

After you are done with your scrapbook, make sure it is protected from getting torn or damaged

A page title highlights the page’s theme. You can decorate it with colored, stylish fronts and can even generate from the computer.

You can draw on your scrapbook as much as you want Use colors and decorations.

Time flies so fast that sometimes memory becomes a blur. A scrapbook is a wonderful way to relive and preserve the memories it’s memorabilia of your favorite times. These few ideas are going to guide you creating your own storehouse of memoirs. Make your imagination and creativity play and have fun creating your own scrapbook!

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