Dixit Diet: Explaining A to Z Of The New Age Diet

Dixit Diet: Explaining A to Z Of The New Age Diet

Dixit Diet Is The Way To Go!

A person who is in state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – this is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Well, let’s see how can we define diet!

Meaning of diet

Whenever people hear the word ‘diet’ the first thing that comes to their mind is skipping meals. Which is exactly not a diet, many people don’t understand the meaning of it. Diet means the intake of some nutrition for health and weight management. Many people follow some dietary plans, they create schedules for what to eat for lunch and dinner, whether to skip lunch or dinner, whether to eat more during lunch or less during dinner and etc. Diet is something that makes people healthy and light. It also has an effect on moods, people following a healthy lifestyle are happier than those who follow junky routines.

People have the habit of skipping meals which they feel that they are actually doing diet which is completely wrong, the person should understand that proper diet means eating proper food in a proper manner in an adequate quantity.

One should follow proper dietary plans, if interested you can follow Dr. Dixit dietary plan.

What Exactly Is Dixit Diet?

I was looking at his dietary plans and charts, it was not typically the way many dieticians do, or what their plans are. His dietary plans are simple and easy. There are no restrictions that you can’t have this or that, yeah, of course, junk food should be avoided. If you are hungry between lunch and dinner you can have coconut water, thin buttermilk, green tea, black coffee but without sugar.

Do simple exercise at home or go for a walk for 45 minutes.

According to him, more food should be eaten during lunch time and less during dinner time. Don’t take tea or coffee with sugar or any other eatables as it would destroy the proper dietary system.

One thing he clearly mentions before mentioning his dietary plans that this diet is not meant for people who have diabetes.

He believes that his dietary plan would not only control diabetes but also reverse it and wants to make his plan a countrywide phenomenon and wants it to become part of the International Diabetes Federation Guidelines. 

The satisfaction of participants with Dixit Diet

  • Many people were surveyed who participated in this dietary plan and results were positive. Some 18 people lost out this plan as some couldn’t resist their hunger and couldn’t follow up the dietary plan due to festivals or tours, but that doesn’t mean the plan didn’t work out for other participants.
  • Most of them have claimed that they felt lighter after the first week and many of them reported that this dietary plan increased their work efficiency. They became healthier than at the time when they were not following a healthy dietary plan.
  • The weight loss and decrease in waist circumference were also felt by the participants and the best part was that there were no side effects.
  • Many people were interviewed that how they worked on their diet, one of them mentioned that how she properly followed the routine in a proper manner and after few days she felt better, healthier and happy due to weight reduction.
  • Other participant mentioned how after starting his diet he felt energetic and felt light the whole day.
  • Most of them have recommended to their family members, friends to follow Dixit Dietary plans and not just one person but many were satisfied, happy, felt energetic and increase in stamina.
  • Talking about stamina, one of them claimed that he visited Balaji and the mountain has 4000 steps it took him 5 hours to reach the top but again when he visited that place after 10 years it took him 3 hours to reach and still he felt fresh.
  • There were no harmful effects on the people who followed it this diet and many have stated that they would follow it in their lifetime.

It’s a healthy lifestyle that would improve a person’s wellbeing, not only physically and mentally but also socially. A healthy person is more socially active and maintains a positive relationship among its close ones.

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