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Day Trip To San Marino

Welcome back to The Day Trip Show. We are in Florence, Italy and in the latest episode of the series, we will be exploring one of the smallest countries in the world which is within Italy. We’re taking a day trip to San Marino, which is the world’s oldest constitutional republic in the world. San Marino is best known in the current times for hosting the San Marino GP.

On our day trip, we take a train from Florence to Bologna onwards Rimini and then take a bus to San Marino. Next, we headed to the tourist office to get a hang of an otherwise confusing city. We got our passports stamped at the tourist office with the official seal of San Marino.

After a quick slice of Pizza, it was time to hike and enjoy the 3 towers and the views of the third smallest country in Europe. To avoid missing our train back, we got back sooner to Rimini but got stuck in Bologna due to train delay. You see, not all travels are rosy but there’s so much to learn always!


Parampara Patil Hashmi
Parichay Mehta
Pankaj Ahuja
Nirali Naik

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