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Day Trip To Giethoorn, The Netherlands

Next, on #TheDayTripShow, we took a day trip from to Giethoorn from Amsterdam. We were pretty excited to know that Giethoorn, Netherlands – the village without roads.

After we Giethoorn village, we rented a private boat and started boating around the canals. Giethoorn, also known as the Venice of the North is the water village of Holland and has more canals than roads.

The best part of our trip was that to explore Giethoorn in winters was not very usual, as a result, we were the only tourists there and had all the space to enjoy without the crowds.

After boating, we walked around Giethoorn, Netherlands. After some delicious pizza, it was time to return from Giethoorn to Amsterdam. But what a fun, serene and memorable day it had been! Had to share it with all of you in this episode of the show. Fall in love with Giethoorn in a minute:


Created by:
Parampara Patil Hashmi
Parichay Mehta

Additional Photography:
Nirali Naik


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