Croatia Food Guide | Let's Date Food
Let's Date Food

Croatia Food Guide | Let’s Date Food

By on July 6, 2017

Oysters? Octopus burgers? Prosecco? Fra tulla? Which suitor from the Croatian coastland became Darshanaa Gahatraj’s choice? In the latest episode of Let’s Date Food, we explore the lengths of Croatia with a variety of delicacies spanning from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. Needless to see, this was one food journey that included a range of dishes, influence of the Italian voyagers, coastal special dishes and traditional desserts.

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Disclaimer: Hunger pangs are bound to rise. a World Culture Network Originals series.
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In this series, our host Darshanaa Gahatraj is on a mission to find her perfect date, the one true love- FOOD. In this episode, Darshanaa is all set to explore some exciting dishes in the across the various cities in Croatia.

Host: Darshanaa Gahatraj
DOP: Akash Shah
Editor: Nainesh Dingankar
Music: Cephelpod
Produced by: World Culture Network (Productions)

Food Partner: Barba, Dubrovnik
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