9 Fantastic Apps That Make Life Easier Than Ever

9 Fantastic Apps That Make Life Easier Than Ever

Ordering food, online shopping, messaging with emojis, sending pictures and videos in one second, checking account balances and so many things you can do with the help of so many apps thanks to the technology that makes our life not only easier also enjoyable. So here is the list of fantastic apps that most are using-

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

It is one of the best video calling app, as it’s quite easy to log in and you can make a fast video call without any trouble. It has unique ‘knock-knock’ feature before you receive a call it lets you have a live preview of the caller. It’s one of the most popular apps on google play store and also available on the app store.

2. Google News

Google News Logo

Well sometimes you don’t need a newspaper or switch on the television to watch some news, instead, you can easily download this app and open it to see the latest news. By tapping on ‘full coverage’ showcases the same news story reported by different reporters and highlighting different perspectives. You can subscribe to different sources and magazines in the Newsstand section. So very much convenient app especially when you are traveling or somewhere outdoor.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Logo

One of the most fantastic apps used by everyone is WhatsApp. It is a free and instant messaging app where people communicate with one another through their phone’s internet data or Wi-Fi. You can easily send text, visual, audio and video messages with emojis and also can give a call to so many people worldwide. It is considered one of the most secure app, you can block or unblock any user you wish to.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google maps app is a real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and details about millions of people. It offers street routes, real-time traffic details and also shortcuts route to save our time. This app covers more than 200 countries and their territories and with the help of this app not only you can navigate known places but even unknown places with a lot of ease and convenience. It is considered as one of the most essential apps.

5. YouTube

YouTube Logo

Now you don’t have to open your computer or laptop to go to youtube site to see videos, you can just simply install from google play store and open YouTube app to check and look out for some amazing and interesting videos, not only videos even old and new movies are also available. When you are out where you cannot carry a laptop so well your smartphone is very convenient for you. You can watch videos with your mobile data anywhere, anytime. Subscribe to World Culture Network on YouTube!

6. Facebook & Messenger

Facebook & Messenger Logo

Same as YouTube, you don’t have to open computer or laptop, just simply install the Facebook app and upload photos or videos or post your status with your friends through your mobile phones and now people are easily sharing funny memes and jokes and making their friends laugh on Facebook. You can like World Culture Network on Facebook as well!

7. Instagram

Instagram Logo

Since we are talking about fantastic apps, it would unfair to not talk about Instagram. Most of the people have their account on Instagram and many would be right now on Instagram, maybe posting their photos or videos or even posting something on their insta-story. The best thing about this app is that it makes you connect with all your friends and family members living abroad just like Facebook, you can follow many pages on this app like-food blog, travel site, and many other adventurous pages and interestingly you can follow celebrities on Instagram to see what they are up to, where they are, what films are going to release, just to be connected with their life.

8. Amazon

Amazon Logo

Why go to some stores to buy bags or mobile accessories or books or novels or DVD’s etc. when you can install Amazon shopping app to do online shopping with many options-Pay on Delivery, Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking or any other payment methods.

9. Netflix

Netflix Logo

Netflix dominates the world of TV and movies, it includes comedies (original), cartoons, movies, dramas, and even documentaries. Shows such as Stranger Things, Black mirror and many others are often conversation topics. With Netflix mobile app you can also stream offline videos and download selected videos.

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