5 Best Christmas Markets In Spain

5 Best Christmas Markets In Spain

Unlike the traditional feel of cold and snow, Spain, due to its location, offers a slightly unique Christmas experience. You can enjoy the winter sun while perusing through the colourful Christmas markets. Ditch your scarves and heavy layer and let yourself roam in almost a fair-like market that can be seen throughout the country. The Christmas markets in Spain are full of colours and lights, and bustling with activities. One of the highlights of the Christmas markets here in Spain is the nativity scenes. So, what are you waiting for? Let yourself drown in the festive vibe of Spanish Christmas markets where you can buy and enjoy some amazing activities while shopping for quality handcrafted gifts, presents, and decorations. And this goes without saying, you shouldn’t miss the delicious food available on the market.

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Spain

Christmas Market Of Madrid

Lights & People

No surprise as the Spanish capital has some of the best Christmas markets in the country. There are particularly two which you shouldn’t miss, i.e, the Plaza Mayor Christmas Market, which is also known as the Mercado de Navidad, and the Christmas market in Passeio de Recoletos. The Plaza Mayor market is pretty old and has been in operation since the 19th century. In this market, you will find more than 100 wooden stalls selling traditional Christmas products including Christmas figures, nativity scenes, decorations, trees, and much more.

The other market, Passeio de Recoletos is more famous for showcasing artisan products from all around Spain. You can buy a variety of quality products that are known for their craftsmanship. From jewellery, painting, and glass to ceramic works, you can find a lot of interesting things. And it is also a pretty big market with over 200 tents. The market will operate from 26th November to 31st December. It opens every day from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. One thing to note, on Christmas and New year’s day, these markets will remain closed.

Bilbao Christmas Market

Xmas colors in Bilbao

It is a one-day market but if you can you should definitely check it out. It is perhaps one of the unique markets. This Christmas market is held every year in honour of Saint Thomas on 21st December. It happens in the Basque country and it is one of the most outstanding festivals you will witness. It is a sort of homage to a popular market that was celebrated in the place.

The market calls for the return to the country life of Bilbao. You will find a lively crowd and tons of activities here. Apart from the obvious things, the highlight of the market is its gastronomy, you can taste typical Basque products such as cider, chorizo, cheese, and txakoli or chacoli wine. It is certainly a unique experience on its own.

Barcelona Christmas Markets

The most popular market and also the oldest market in all of Spain is called Feira de Santa Lucia. It has been around for over 230 years. Every year, next to the gothic cathedral Placa Nova, this market takes place. It also happens to be the biggest market. Apart from the typical festival-related things, you can find things like sculptures of the Virgin Mary. Another highlight of the market is Too de Nadal, a log-like hollow structure,  similar to Mexican pinatas, that is filled with sweets and toys.

There is one other big market in Barcelona, namely Feria de la Gran Via. It has more than 200 stalls selling everything imaginable and much more. From sweets, and traditional food to housewares, clothes, and toys, you can find almost everything in this market. But don’t forget to indulge in some delicious delicacies such as churros, tortillas de Rosa, and traditional Christmas hot chocolate. The market runs from December 20th to January 6th on King’s day. 

Seville Christmas markets

Blue Christmas

With Seville’s rich history and heritage, the city fills its corners with nativity scenes, musical choirs called campanilleros, and numerous spots to taste typical sweets. The open-air markets are a must. Here, you can find typical Christmas presents along with amusement for little ones. It is especially a great spot to go with kids as you will also find camel rides here. The Belen Market, located near Seville cathedral, runs from November 5th to December 23rd.

There is also a craft fair held in Plaza Nueva. You will find plenty of artists and craftsmen exhibiting their work. Here, you can buy popular Spanish souvenirs and unique Christmas decorations. Together these two will give you the true sense of Christmas spirit soaked in local flavours. The craft fair runs from December 17th to January 5th. 

Toledo Christmas Markets

Plaza de Ayuntamiento

For those who want to visit Madrid, you can visit this little gem of a place nearby as well. The city of Toledo is known for being the Visigothic capital of Hispanics. The market is located in Plaza Willy Barth. Apart from being able to buy the usual customary Christmas things such as decorations, the main highlight of the market is the descent of Father Christmas from the top of the Cristo Rey Cathedral to this square located in the city centre.

There are plenty of stalls from where you can buy decorations, and presents, and obviously taste some delicious food. You can enjoy typical Spanish gastronomy while enjoying the performances of many local artists. There are always musical performances going on. It will put you right into the festive spirit.

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