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5 Best Christmas Markets In Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a subregion in Northern Europe. It consists of countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Aland. Winter is coming and you know what that means, Christmas is almost around the corner. The Christmas Markets in Scandinavia are some of the most beautiful markets you will find in the world. With its naturally snow-laden landscape, the lights, decorations, food, and activities, the Christmas markets in Scandinavia are something to behold. It truly feels like Santa land. So what are you waiting for? Put on some warm clothes and enjoy the festive vibe while shopping and browsing through these amazing Christmas markets.

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Scandinavia

Tivoli Christmas Market, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Christmas Market

It is one of the coolest Christmas markets you will ever visit. Held in the second oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Garden, the market offers a unique blend of activities centred around the ice and typical Christmas shopping. The place will instantly give you Christmas vibes with pine branches covered in innumerable glittering lights of multiple hues.

You will find more than 60 stalls all dolled up in Christmas decorations selling impressive assortments such as ornaments, leather goods, crafts, clothes, and sweets. Not just these, you will find wooden roller coasters, ice rinks, and more. And how can we forget the mouth-water delicacies you can try? You shouldn’t miss trying out æbleskiver- a spherical, fluffy pancake, or flæskesteg sandwich along with some hot chocolate or a glass of gløgg. Thus, it offers a great blend of amusement, food, and decoration. The market is held from November 19th to December 30th.

Jul I Vinterland, Oslo

Dreary, yet encouraging

It is also known as the Christmas Winterland. What could feel more like Christmas than strolling along wooden stalls laden with fluffy white snow and twinkling lights? This market in Oslo, Norway will teleport you into the midst of a festive vibe with lights, snow, and a cup of hot chocolate. You can buy the typical Christmas decorations and products along with some intricately carved wooden crafts, Norwegian handmade decorations, and glasswork.

The market is held in the Spikersuppa skating rink. It offers a great view of the beautiful Norwegian Royal Palace. Along with these, you can also indulge in local delicacies that are delightful for a foodie as well as a non-foodie alike. And the highlight is the fine-quality woollen gems in the form of traditional Norwegian sweaters and cosy slippers. In short, this market will hook you up with everything for that cosy and intimate Christmas celebration. The market is held from November 13th to January 2nd.

Liseberg Christmas Market, Gothenburg

Liseburg in Gothenburg, Sweden

What could be a more apt place for a Christmas market than an amusement park? This market is held in the permanent amusement park grounds of Liseberg. It is the biggest Christmas market in Sweden. The whole park is transformed with a sea of lights and Countless elegant Christmas decorations to put you right into that Christmas feel. The entire theme and vibe take cues from a medieval village yuletide fair.

The crowd here is extremely friendly and you will see a lot of families shopping and enjoying the ambience. You will find almost everything. With more than 60 beautiful stalls, you will find Swedish handicrafts, food, traditional decorations, and most importantly, waffles. How can you not try some amazing waffles while you browse through these stalls for gifts and decorations? With hundreds of Christmas trees together with 5 million lights around an ice-skating rink and a lot of other rides, you are bound to have a festive and fun time here. The market is held from November 19th to December 30th.

Stockholm Old Town Christmas Market

Christmas market in Stockholm Old Town

If you want to visit a market with some rich history and heritage then you can’t go wrong with this. The origin of this market dates back to medieval times and has been continuously held in its current form since 1837. It is known as Stortorgets Julmarknad. And it is the oldest Christmas market in Scandinavia. The market has a charm rooted in old history and tradition which is rapidly becoming a rare thing.

The market is organized by a non-profit organization known as Stockholm-Gillet. With more than 40 stalls amidst heavy snow and buildings with old charm, it is a perfect spot to enjoy Christmas that feels a bit more intimate and based on traditional culture and heritage. It is a foodies paradise as you can indulge in some amazing delicacies. From farm-made cheese, and caramels to chocolate-covered marzipan pigs and more, you will find some interesting traditional handicrafts, delicate decorations, ceramics, leatherwork, jewellery, and knitwear as well. In short, you will find everything here. The market opens on Sunday 19th November and will run every day until December 23rd.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Spirits of Christmas

Finland has some of the most interesting rituals related to Christmas which speaks volumes about their anticipation and enthusiasm for this festival. To get into the festive mood, they start with early parties called pikkujoulu, or Little Christmas. They have an age-old tradition of having Christmas Saunas, a relaxing ritual to soothe the body and mind before the busy festive season.

The Helsinki market is the oldest and most popular market in Helsinki. It is generally held at Senate Square, under the beautiful white Helsinki Cathedral. The market offers some of the best international as well as local artisan products. The highlight of the market is its emphasis on sustainability and sustainable products. You can buy a wonderful mixture of ornaments, local delicacies, Finnish crafts, and gifts. And of course, there are tons of other activities that make the market lively and feel even more festive. The market is held from December 1st to December 22nd.

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