5 Best Christmas Markets In Austria

5 Best Christmas Markets In Austria

Christmas in Austria is simply magical. It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zest. During this time, Austria is covered in snow and looks beautiful. Its baroque architecture really looks the best during the winter season. Christmas markets in Austria start in the month of November. These markets are spread all over the country. Each of these is unique and focuses on food, handicrafts and souvenirs. Some of them are family-themed while others provide a romantic getaway for couples.

But which Christmas markets should you visit if you don’t have time to hit them all? We will be compiling a list of the best Christmas markets held in Austria. They’ll be a great experience and you’ll get a taste of how locals celebrate the festival of Christmas in Austria.

Vienna Christmas Market

Christmas market in Vienna🇦🇹

The Christmas market is held in Vienna, the capital city of Austria is perhaps the best one in the country. This is a market set against medieval architecture which gives this market a traditional feel. It hosts festive Christmas workshops for youngsters as well as Christmas gifts, tree decorations, treats, and hot beverages waiting for you. You shouldn’t miss the festively decorated dazzling sea of lights emanating from the trees around City Hall in Vienna.

Old Town and Hungerburg Christmas markets, Innsbruck

Christmas Market Stall

Here you can find the city’s magical Old Town Christmas Market. Situated in the historic part of Innsbruck, this market is held from mid-November until Christmas. It is held in front of the famous Golden Roof landmark and is surrounded by romantic medieval buildings. The market is a wonderful place to wander and get into the festive spirit. You’ll find everything here from personalized Christmas decorations and warm winter clothing to typical Innsbruck souvenirs and loads of traditional Austrian gifts.  Characters from various folk tales and fairy tales are also displayed here.

Linz Main Square

Linz Landstraße

If you’re looking for a Christmas market with a real Olde Worlde feel, then you should head to Linz and visit the main square in December. At this time of year, this bustling square is transformed into a joyous winter market with beautiful stalls, dazzling Christmas lights, and a huge and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. This market will also have a mix of light-hearted festive music, wonderful smells coming from the food stalls, and countless cheery faces. Linz Square is a magical experience at this time in Austria that you can’t afford to miss.

Old Town and Färberplatz Christmas markets, Graz

Graz: Weihnachtsmarkt am Schlossberg

Graz is best known for its tradition. It is one of Austria’s oldest Christmas markets and is located beneath the country’s oldest monastery. Here you can find tin toys and regional crafts. You can compete with the large wheel and carousel of the Advent Fair. Take a nice drink of local Feuerzangenbowle—wine and rum that have been put on fire—and head to the Franciscan Quarter. Also, don’t miss Färberplatz’s arts and crafts market, which is run by a group of regional artisans, for the best gift selection in the city.

Salzburg Christmas Market

Christmas Markets in Salzburg

The Cathedral Square Christmas Bazaar is one of the most traditional and charming markets. Its founding dates to 1491, making it Salzburg’s oldest market. It is also Mozart’s hometown, and being here during the Advent season is like entering a fantasy. The Cathedral provides a beautiful backdrop for the selling booths, and the Fortress towers high above the city. The air is filled with the alluring aroma of baked apples, incense, and cotton candy. You will find many pewter crafts, advent wreaths, tree ornaments, furry slippers, and coats in this market.

If you visit Austria during the Christmas break, then do not forget to visit these breathtaking markets. Get a feel of the tradition by visiting these places. The chill in the winter skies and the fragrance of freshly baked cookies will make this an unforgettable experience for you.

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